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gordon building
Rollins Enterprise center


The Gordon Building on Duff Street in Rose Town once housed a grocery and a barber shop and was the social hub of this vibrant community. Then came the political and gang violence of the 1970s and 1980s and it became infamously known as the Hayden Building - a symbol of the days of terror endured by the community.


In 2014 the Princes Trust provided funding to refurbish the building to facilitate the development of an Enterprise Centre. Architects K10 and contractors Dokswell were able to maintain some of the original architectural designs while creating an attractive and functional space.



Rose Town Farmers Group established with the support of the Prince's Foundation, started with six (6) members of the community actively involved in planting, maintaining and reaping produce on a 1/3 acre farm.


Over the past year crops have included pepper, callaloo, tomato and corn as well as pumpkin, pineapple and gungo peas which all contribute to income for the project. With the support of government agency RADA and funding from the EFJ that provided classroom and in the field training, we are working with the community members to develop a cottage industry that in the coming year (2018-19) will be sustainable, provide an income for the team and promote improved nutrition amongst members of the community.


We had major challenges with pests that caused the loss of produce, however we are working to address these problems and increase the output from the farm for the end of year.

Education program
summer camp


The READ to SUCCEED project, supported by the American Friends of Jamaica, helps the children of the community through an afternoon homework centre and assistance in preparation for GSAT at two locations in the community.


In 2016 additional funding was made available to establish an Early Childhood Education program targeting children 3-6 years and this brought in two trained teachers to facilitate that program.

Over the last 3 years the Foundation hosted summer programs in July for these children, and in 2017 with funding from JSIF the summer program was extended to August to reach out to adolescents and young adult males.


These programs brought in presenters in life skills and motivational sessions to help build the self confidence and conflict resolution ability of these youngsters and expose them to concepts and opportunities outside of their usual sphere. Participants were also taken on field trips to various private sector businesses to get a broader understanding of the possible job opportunities that existed and we greatly appreciate the support given.

Land title program


The Land Tenure Program: through which the Foundation acts as a facilitator for members/ of the community to liaise with Government bodies such as LAMP and National Land Agency to gain titles to property on which they reside.


Staff also provide conflict resolution and negotiation assistance to persons with shared accommodations to work out their difference. This was initially a project under DFID which has been continued by the Foundation in response to the needs of the community

youth empowerment
youth empowerment


Youth empowerment/engagement: through which the Foundation gathers information on various opportunities for youth provided by Government, local and international donors, etc. and shares this with eligible youth in the community. In the past year we have assisted a number of youth to access programs such as PRE-UNI, HEART, etc. The Secretariat assists with providing references, the completion of forms and accessing needed documentation such as birth certificates, etc.

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